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Israel came into existence in the year of May 1948 after a long standing struggle of the Jews to have a homeland of their own. This movement is historically quite old and involves many sacrifices of the Jews people. Then the state of Israel is one of the cleanest countries in the world and it came into being simply through the partition of a small portion of the Arab homeland of Palestine. During the period of Second World War many Jews have flocked from Europe and started assembling in the Middle East portion of Bethlehem, the birth place of the Christ. However, with the advent of Islam the place has been infested with Muslim populations. They began to consider these Jewish as infidels and started to attack them. The situation grew worse as the Jewish also started to retaliated very hard. With the intervention of Britain a ceasefire was came into force from both communities. Finally under the supervision of UNO the birth of Israel took place.

Israelis or the Jewish people have sincerely preserved their mother language Hebrew from historic times. Their God is known as Jehova. At present Israel is the most militarily advanced country of the world and this has been proved in the successive Arab wars. Israel gave crushing defeats to countries like Syria, Egypt and Palestine in response to their collective aggression. Even today there is no end of Palestine- Israel conflict. Israel has also taken a stern attitude to the growing menace of terrorism and has formed its own secret service agency known as Mossad. Israel at present is one of the leading producers of deadly weapons which country like India often wants to purchase at higher market price. Israel have also witnesses sharp progress in the field of technical education and is prosperous nation of Asia. It is expected that it will soon emerge as the super power in the near future.


  Israel Coming up as a Leading Destination for Medical Tourism

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If you were under the impression that Asian countries led the way in attractive the maximum traffic for medical tourism, then it’s time you took a reality check. Israel that constantly used to be in the news for suicidal attacks and separatists incursions is fast coming up as the favorite destination for medical tourists. MTI (Medical Tourism Index) has accorded Israel the top spot amongst 25 most sought after locations for postoperative care and services. At the same time, MTI ranked Israel third in that survey for being the top destination for availing affordable medical treatment on the whole, particularly for those who were not Israelis.

Study of health services in Israel

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Since its inception the standard of health services in Israel are quite impressive. It is clearly evident in terms of its advanced medical infrastructure that provides quality treatment to the patients of every age group. Previously there were some problems with the health service of the country. But now these have been solved with the establishment of special clinic centers with advanced medical facilities. Now patients can easily avail services like brain surgery, MRI scans and in-vitro fertilization within their budget. All these are mainly possible due to the formulation of a comprehensive health policy by the government.

Top tourist destinations in Israel


Around the Western Wall

Israel is a country whose history stretches back to thousand years. There is no dearth of interesting destinations for a first time traveler. The country and its regular happenings generate massive interest of the world. Mentioned below are some of the destinations which can be toured with family and friends for a pleasurable experience:


The old city of Jerusalem is the meeting point of Islam, Christianity and Judaism. Imposing stone walls of the city dates back to Ottoman period. There are many holy spots such as Dome of the Rock, Church of Holy Sepulchre and the Western Wall. The visitors can also tour the sight of Jesus crucifixion, old city bazaar etc. Continue reading Top tourist destinations in Israel

Ten reasons to like Israel, the country

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Israel is a country which is always in the news for some reason or another. Unlike other countries, it has a tensed atmosphere due to socio-political, religious and security issues. The country is extremely beautiful with scenic destinations, landscapes, buildings and other landmarks. Arab-Israel conflict is something which is always grabbing headlines in newspaper front pages, columns and electronic media. It is topic which is constantly debated and scrutinized by intellectual minds. Despite such charged up atmosphere, there is a ray of hope always. Some people still like to visit and even live in country for following reasons: Continue reading Ten reasons to like Israel, the country

Historical monuments in Israel

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The notable historical monuments of Israel reflect the long human history of the region with the prominence of three religious faiths of Islam, Christianity and Judaism. Jerusalem is the main city of Israel where visitors can find many famous historical monuments. These historical monuments have occasionally sparked communal hatred and violence between people Israel and Palestine. We shall now mention some of these monuments below: Continue reading Historical monuments in Israel